Hey traveller!

My name is Ellie.

Image of Ellie, creator of Bohemiance

I am travelling until I find something better to do.

I initially created this blog to reassure my mum that I was still alive and well as I backpacked my way alone around South America. Since then I’ve been to India, Nepal, China and South Africa among other places. As my knowledge base has grown, I’ve begun writing practical guides to help out anyone else who wants to take some time out to travel, as well as some advice for student travellers.

Now my aim is to encourage other people to travel, especially young people in my position: those who have no particular career path in mind; those who are want to get more experience of the world and all its magic before signing their life away in a grad scheme contract. I wrote this article for STA travel, arguing that travel after uni is much the better option – and the more I travel, the more I believe it!

There is so much pressure on graduates to go straight into a career-job, but I want to challenge that idea. I don’t think you need to head straight into a high-pressured ‘real-life’ job, and I don’t think there is enough acceptance of those who don’t want to choose that path.

I think travel teaches a lot of things that office work just won’t. You can decide for yourself whether you agree!

Why bohemiance?

Bohemiance is a made up word (obviously).

What does it mean? Well, I invented it.

I see it as the feeling that you get when you set off somewhere new; that feeling of freedom and endless possibility. It means an acceptance of mishaps, a love of adventure and a desire to explore beyond your comfort zone.

I am basically a big, daft, hopelessly idealistic hippie.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings. Subscribe below if you want to be bohemian like me!

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  1. Hi Ellie,

    My name is Anuj Agarwal. I’m Founder of Feedspot.

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  2. Hiya Ellie!
    My name is Roxana, a globetrotter at heart, much like yourself!
    I really appreciate the visual appeal and the engaging content you have going on there. It would love to collaborate with you and be a guest on your blog!

    Here are some articles I’ve written recently. You can check if you like my writing style 🙂


    If you say are interested, I can brainstorm some themes and pitch them to you!


  3. Hey,

    It seems I can’t find your blog post about the aussie tax returns. Any hope on getting that information?

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