Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Choosing Transport in Australia

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Choosing Transport in Australia

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about Australia since I arrived, it’s that it is bloody enormous. I knew it was big, of course. Bigger than the UK, sure. Bigger than several UK’s, I imagined. As it turns out, this doesn’t even cover it. Australia is pretty much the size of the whole of Europe. That’s right: it’s the size of the ENTIRE CONTINENT I call home.   It stands […]

How to Take an Epic Road Trip in Australia

No great backpacking adventure would be complete without a good road trip. And when you’re travelling Australia, it’s practically a rite of passage. It can seem daunting to the inexperienced. Australia is a big place (huge, actually); there’s a lot of distance to cover. Depending on what route you plan on taking, you might go hours without seeing any signs of civilisation. Your main companions on the road will probably […]

The Beauty of Travelling in Winter

The Beauty of Travelling in Winter

Australia is a country that people cannot help but picture in the sun. Beaches, surf, sand, sunbathing. When I first arrived here, straight into the tropical north in springtime, I couldn’t imagine ever being cold again. Actually, on some days, I couldn’t imagine anything better than being cold again. But it’s winter now. And while the north of the country enjoys its holiday season at this time of year, here […]

Tax Returns in Australia: The Backpacker's Guide

Tax Returns in Australia: The Backpacker’s Guide

The end of the Australian tax year is here, and backpackers everywhere are panicking. Facebook groups are exploding with questions: how do I claim my tax back? How much will I get? Do I have to do a tax return if X, Y or Z? Well, first of all, let’s not panic. It might be a bit complicated, but it’s definitely something you can handle. Yes, you do have to […]

A Complete Guide to the Australian Second Year Visa

A Complete Guide to the Australian Second Year Visa

I’ve just begun the epic struggle for my second working holiday visa in Australia. The days are long, the work is monotonous, and the pay ain’t all that great. But it’s worth it, if I want to stay in this beautiful country another year. (I do.) Thousands of backpackers go through the second year visa process every year. But a lot of people are mixed up about exactly what you […]

The Kangaroo who Trashed the Car

The Kangaroo Who Trashed the Car

It was a Wednesday. Our road trip had taken us all the way across the never-ending Nullaboor Plain and out the other side. Hour after hour, all that could be seen was dry desert and scrub, red earth and cerulean sky. Full days of driving, endless driving. Several hours where the road failed to even turn a corner to make the journey a bit more interesting. On the bright side, […]

Two Fools and the Flinders Ranges

I’m writing from next to a campfire today. We’ve gone proper girl scout for the days we’ve spent north of Adelaide: campsites with no shower, a long drop toilet, and fire pits. As it turns out, there isn’t much demand for camp spots off the backpacker trail in the middle of winter, so we’ve had pretty much free rein to do whatever we want. Inevitably, we have been sleeping in […]

Reunion and a Road Trip

Reunion and a Road Trip

If ever I’m quiet on the blog, it’s usually because I’m not doing anything of particular interest. The past couple of weeks have been no exception. I got back from my hectic three week sprint across New Zealand, and holed up in Melbourne once again, now jobless, to wait for my friend Meg to get back from the Philippines so the next adventure could begin. Being jobless in Melbourne is […]

Goodbye Melbourne, Hello New Zealand

Goodbye Melbourne, Hello New Zealand!

I’ve left Melbourne for the sunny (nope, hang on, rainy) climes of New Zealand. I am sad, but also excited. Travelling is full of goodbyes. Or rather, it’s full of ‘see you later’s – because really you never know when and where you might meet a brief acquaintance again. After my three weeks exploring New Zealand, for example, I’ll be heading over to Adelaide to see some friends that I […]

24 Hours in the Grampians

24 Hours in the Grampians

It’s getting horribly close to the end of my time in Melbourne, so inevitably I’ve started trying to get things ticked off. There’s nothing like feeling that this might be your last chance to get you out of bed and going places. I still have work to contend with though – those glasses aren’t gonna clear themselves away – so it’s had to be an in-between times endeavour, exploring the […]