The last day

After my excellent penultimate day I wasn´t really expecting the last day to live up to it, and I suppose in a way it didn´t. However, I definitely had a nice and relatively productive day today; got up at 10 o´clock which was an absolute luxury, still full from the meal the night before, yet managing to make the most of the free breakfast by stacking my plate with 4 […]

Been there, done that, got the tshirt

So I´m pretty sure today has been the best day ever. But first, let´s quickly rewind to yesterday, when I first arrived to La Paz (I like to do things chronologically). After my blissful shower in the hostel, I figured I may as well do something useful with the time I had until I could check in, so I did the usual get-a-map-go-to-the-market thing, except that this time I was […]

Searching for the sundance kid (or, the home straight)

After Uyuni I had always had it in my head that I would head to Tupiza for a little while, for no other reason than that it has some vague and loose connection with the film “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” (if you havent´t seen it then you should, it´s a classic), a family favourite of ours. Perhaps a bit daft, and all the more so as I ended […]

Not sand, but salt

It was a good decision to come to Uyuni. Thank God that, all those days ago in Quito, Ruth-from-Bradford suggested that the salt flats were the most important thing to see in Bolivia. I arrived from Potosi with Dominic, one of the guys from the mines tour, and we decided it made sense to look for a tour together seeing as we were both wanting the same sort (3 days, […]

Cigarettes, alcohol, coca and dynamite

So I’m in Potosí. I left you in Copacabana, where all was groovy, and now I shall explain the turn(s) of events that led to me being here, pretty much completely off on a tangent to my original or ideal plans. We arrived to Copacabana at probably 12.45, and all I wanted to do was get a bus to La Paz in order to head for Uyuni, the starting point […]

2 Days in Paradise

The next morning I headed out at 8 o´clock, bags in tow, to meet the others and catch the boat (note to self: don´t wear mum´s combats when no hands are free to hoik them up as I go). All went to plan: we made the boat on time and all together, and ate breakfast on the way (fruit and bread, standard fare for travelling on a budget). It was […]

Cusco and copacabana

As a brief explanation for my lack of recent posts, I’ve been staying on an island for the past two days, unsurprisingly with no Internet connection. So prepare for something of a blogging splurge: I’ve got access to an actual computer and its raining outside… Despite my pledge to myself that i would take it easy on my last day in cusco; have a long lie in and let my […]