Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Choosing Transport in Australia

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Choosing Transport in Australia

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about Australia since I arrived, it’s that it is bloody enormous. I knew it was big, of course. Bigger than the UK, sure. Bigger than several UK’s, I imagined. As it turns out, this doesn’t even cover it. Australia is pretty much the size of the whole of Europe. That’s right: it’s the size of the ENTIRE CONTINENT I call home.   It stands […]

How to Take an Epic Road Trip in Australia

No great backpacking adventure would be complete without a good road trip. And when you’re travelling Australia, it’s practically a rite of passage. It can seem daunting to the inexperienced. Australia is a big place (huge, actually); there’s a lot of distance to cover. Depending on what route you plan on taking, you might go hours without seeing any signs of civilisation. Your main companions on the road will probably […]

Tax Returns in Australia: The Backpacker's Guide

Tax Returns in Australia: The Backpacker’s Guide

The end of the Australian tax year is here, and backpackers everywhere are panicking. Facebook groups are exploding with questions: how do I claim my tax back? How much will I get? Do I have to do a tax return if X, Y or Z? Well, first of all, let’s not panic. It might be a bit complicated, but it’s definitely something you can handle. Yes, you do have to […]

Healthy Eating in a Hostel: 5 Budget Backpacker Meals

Healthy Eating in a Hostel: 5 Budget Backpacker Meals

Hostels are fantastic. Pick the right one and you’ve got a great place to meet people, a cosy spot to relax after a full day’s sightseeing, and a place to stay that’s a  heck of a lot cheaper than any hotel you care to name. However, they can have their drawbacks. Because of their communal nature, the common areas are often crowded. Particularly the kitchen. And this can make cooking […]

11 Easy Ways to Save Money in New Zealand

11 Easy Ways to Save Money in New Zealand

I’ve just got back from a hectic three weeks travelling round New Zealand (and by the way, three weeks just ain’t enough). North and South Island; buses all the way. Ridiculous, I know. I wish I’d had more time. But in that short time I still managed to pick up a fair few tips on how to save some dollars here and there. Click here to read my New Zealand […]

Saving money in Melbourne

Saving Money in Melbourne: A Practical Guide

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Australia is daaaaaaayum expensive. Melbourne, unfortunately, is no exception. Particularly if you’re just travelling – or rather, you’re not earning money while you’re here. (If you get a job, the sky-high prices of everything suddenly become more reasonable – $23 an hour wages are the norm here). I thought I’d put together a handy money-saving guide for Melbourne, to help you […]

50 Budget Tips for Backpacking Australia

50 Budget Tips For Backpacking Australia

I’ve been backpacking Australia for just over two months now, and made it most of the way down the East Coast. There’s a lot of stuff that I’ve learnt along the way: particularly that Australia is really bloody expensive. I am generally very good at budgeting, living cheaply and sacrificing luxuries for the sake of being able to travel for longer. But even I have struggled to maintain a reasonable spending structure […]

View of Cairns from a boat

Far North Queensland on the Cheap

Cairns, Port Douglas, the Daintree and the Atherton Tablelands Far North Queensland is the end of the Australian east coast journey for some, and only the beginning for others. Some will be set on blowing their budget before heading home, while for others the saving is just starting. We began our trip in Cairns, so we had to get used to the high prices of Oz pretty fast. The north […]

How to Travel on the Cheap While at University

Find out some tip and tricks on how you can capitalise on the cheap travel opportunities you are offered as a university student, and turn them into awesome experiences!