“It’s like living in an exhaust pipe” – Keir

Well it’s safe to say that the journey back home was much less eventful and all round enjoyable than the journey out here was. Not that that would be difficult.Our last night ended up being really nice: those of us who were still there just bought a few beers and sat in the hotel lobby chatting. Holly, Catherine and I made a conscious decision not to sleep, as we were […]

“Big miscellaneous granary” – shop sign

One of my favourite favourite things about China (and indeed, about most foreign countries new to me) has been the food. I’ve tried so many different things since I’ve been here, more than half of which I pretty much didn’t know existed before I came. I’ve been surprised at how similar to Chinese takeaway some of the stuff I’ve tried has been (sweet and sour pork, for example), and also […]

“Big country, small people” – Keir

The trip is coming to a close, and I am sad. It’s been a brilliant three weeks, filled with Chinese food and late nights and struggles to get to grips with a completely alien language. I’ve tried to start my packing early and hated every minute of it so have retired and decided to write something instead. Things have been winding down a bit in this last week; classes descended […]

“A McFlurry a day keeps the doctor away” – Keir

Blog 5 China So I had one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. Saturday morning saw us all stumbling out of bed, bleary-eyed at 7am, in time to catch the coach to Mount Tai in the morning as part of our ongoing ‘cultural education’. As ever, we set off about an hour or so after the designated “assemble time” given to us, what with people forgetting their passports and […]

“Putting the dong in Shandong” – Holly

Two weeks down, one to go – this trip has felt like it’s been put on fast forward but simultaneously that we’ve been here forever. I still don’t know all of the people on the trip (I mean, there are about 70 of us, and we’re busy like ALL of the time) but it feels like I’ve known those who I do know for a lot longer than 14 days.┬áSo […]

“I think we’ll be ok, this guy’s got a furry steering wheel” – Adam

Mandarin is a really bloody difficult language. I mean, I’m not the most adept when it comes to language-learning in general – even after living in France for five months over summer I can barely sustain a conversation in French – but seriously, this stuff is HARD. It’s not just that we have to learn a whole load of new words to represent English ones, it’s the fact that there’s […]

“I’ve got Traveller’s Knee” – Lyam

So I’ve only been here a few days and my determination to write something pretty much every day has waned as usual, but it’s a combination of tiredness and busy-ness that has foiled my plans so I don’t feel too bad. As long as it’s something more interesting that’s getting in the way then I’m still happy. We have lessons every day here so it’s a bit like being back […]