Parks and possibilities

It’s been a pretty beautiful day in Cuenca; the planned trip to Cajas national park went ahead and was pretty much as cool as expected (lots more pictures of scenery that won’t do justice to the scenery itself) and I went with a nice Israeli woman from the hostel (who spoke better Spanish than me, useful). We hiked around a supposedly 4-hour route in just over 2 hours and it […]


Managed to get to Cuenca after a fashion – had to go to Riobamba and because the bus from Baños was late setting off, the next available one from Riobamba was at 1, almost two hours after I arrived. But hey ho, I love bus stations almost as much as I love buses (that started out as sarcasm but I’m kind of realising that its a bit true… Think I […]

Water, water everywhere

So I´ve had a very very brief stay here in Baños but still managed to have a brilliant time, and at least done (pretty much) all the water-related activities I could reasonably have done (I was tempted to do a bridge jump because I´m a crazy reckless fool, but in the end decided against it because I quite enjoy being alive). I took the bus from Quito a bit later than […]

(Technically) the highest capital in the world

So thanks to the fortuitous circumstance of Ingo having to drive to Quito to collect his drivers licence, I’ve spent the past couple of days here, staying in a different hostel from last time but equally awesome. There’s a rooftop terrace. Enough said. I checked in with Jürgen and Nele (not sure how to spell that one) from the farm on their recommendation and definitely haven’t regretted it, it’s a […]

Notes from the Cloud Forest

It’s been a week of hard work, scrapes and bruises, a tonne of mud and rain, a horrendous amount of mosquito bites and a lot of early mornings, but its probably been one of the best weeks of my life.I left off on a bit of a cliffhanger as to whether I was even going to make it to my next stop – but luckily I did, albeit through a […]

Airports are not meant for sleeping in

It’s been a journey of firsts. First time getting a plane on my own, first non-direct flight I’ve ever taken, first long haul flight that hasn’t had TVs in the back of the seats… But hey, you get what you pay for. Besides, it’s all about the destination (is what I kept telling myself whilst trying to get some kip alternately on a cold marble floor and across a row […]