Featured image of an Indian street food market

7 of the best: Indian Street Foods

Find out what my favourite Indian street foods are: from sweet, tangy, explosive pani puri, to deep fried delicious onion kachori.

“700 rupees for it all and I’ll give you her”

So in between being chauffeured around the pink city by our newfound friends, we have also managed to squeeze in some more sightseeing in the past couple of days. Yesterday we made the most of our composite ticket and saw the Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar, as well as browsing round City Palace which is right close by. Jantar Mantar was just as weird as I remembered it being – […]

“Does this jeep have wifi?”

So after we’d had our insanely good dinner at Meg’s house and been dropped off at the hostel, we allowed ourselves a couple of hours faffing time before going out again. We met Replacement Oscar again, who’d had to cut short his Old Delhi tour to meet a friend from the airport, and met his friend who was too hilarious to cope with considering how little sleep we’d had in […]

“A nice game of scrabble and then off to bed”

We are really good at doing chilled out days. After the draining few days we’d had, surviving on minimal sleep and barely stopping in between sights, we decided to allow ourselves a lie-in (what luxury!) to let ourselves recover. Though I made sure to get up briefly to scoff some breakfast because it’s included (I like to get my money’s worth, and also I like food a lot), we didn’t […]

“I am the bumbag messiah”

The Taj Mahal is better the second time round. Admittedly, the train ride there was pretty horrendous – sleeper class was much less comfortable than I remembered it, and 4am is not a time of day that is kind to anyone – but when we got to the Taj it was all worth it. Worth the sweat and the 4 hours sleep and the discomfort of not knowing whether people […]

“It’s knackering isn’t it, this travelling malarkey”

The number of dad comments Tyler has made on this trip has risen exponentially since we caught our first flight: the above was the first. This was when we had made it as far as Frankfurt, where our first flight stopped over. We had to break it to him gently that this would be nothing compared to the heat and noise and general stress of the Delhi night.

Heathrow is my second home

Do you remember that one time when I spent 12 hours in Heathrow airport while trying to get to Beijing? Well since then I just can’t keep away from London Heathrow. I’m now on my way to India, where myself and 4 friends from university are spending a couple of weeks, before heading off for a 6 week stint teaching in Nepal. But back to the real story: 8 hours […]