Cusco and copacabana

As a brief explanation for my lack of recent posts, I’ve been staying on an island for the past two days, unsurprisingly with no Internet connection. So prepare for something of a blogging splurge: I’ve got access to an actual computer and its raining outside… Despite my pledge to myself that i would take it easy on my last day in cusco; have a long lie in and let my […]

Alive and well knackered

I made it! I hiked 49 kilometres in 4 days, ascended to a height of 4200 metres, showered in a waterfall, ate cake in the midst of the mountains – oh, and saw Machu Picchu – and lived to tell the tale. My legs hurt like hell right now and all I want to do is sit around and eat chocolate, but oh my god was it worth it. Despite […]

The last pre-Inca post

So I made it to Cusco alive and well, survived the 23 hour bus journey with relative ease, and already it’s nearly time for me to lace up my walking boots and inevitably don my waterproof for the much awaited Inca Trail trek. I can’t quite believe this is happening.┬áThe bus ride was actually very acceptable: comfortable seats and the like, with films to watch (pretty much forcibly as every […]

I love Lima

As much as I’m sure you can tell that I have, in general, been having the most amazing time on this trip so far, I don’t know if you may have also noticed that thus far, I haven’t been quite so enthusiastic about Peru in comparison to Ecuador. However, I think my few days here in Lima have tipped the scales back in favour of a more equal balance of […]

Leaving for Lima

It’s been a fairly eventful couple of days in Huanchaco but tonight I’m off to Lima on another lovely lovely night bus (this one was 45 soles, it may actually be nice!) After the slight fiasco of losing my purse somewhere in Huanchaco when I got here, I had the not very pleasant task of having to report it to the police. Thankfully I managed to persuade a guy who […]

The most necessary shower I’ve ever had

It was a wonderful couple of days in Chachapoyas but once more I find myself on the coast; Huanchaco this time, with sun sea and surfing (I can dream). I really loved Chachapoyas, with its strangely raised pavements and total lack of street signs. The hostel I stayed in, Chachapoyas Backpackers, was one of the better ones I’ve been to – the family who owned it were lovely and so […]

Chiclayo and Chachapoyas

The thing about Chiclayo is that the only things I liked about it were the things ubiquitous to Peru – the markets, the fruit stalls, the tiny odd multi-purpose shops (they can sell you biscuits AND photocopy your passport). Nothing about it made it specifically appealing to me. Which is why it was annoying only to discover too late that buses to Chachapoyas are solely night buses, meaning I stayed […]

Sand, sand… blooming everywhere

I feel like the three nights I spent at La Casina in Lobitos could hardly have been more different from everywhere I’ve been, everything I’ve done so far. It’s really difficult to describe what it was like there, how the atmosphere was. La Casona itself was beautiful: a wooden surf shack opening right onto the beach, complete with hammocks, wooden lounge and swinging chairs, and sofas on the terrace. It […]

Clean clothes are the best thing ever

(1st-2nd March) Having slightly deviated from my original plans for today, I got the golden opportunity to go to the launderette to finally get my clothes cleaned properly (I did some by hand at the farm but they never really dried properly…) It was raining and I looked like a total loon wandering the streets towards the lavaderia in my drop-crotch trousers from Rome, oversized llama jumper, multi-coloured rain jacket […]