Why I Will (Probably) Never Be a Successful Travel Blogger

Why I Will (Probably) Never Be a “Successful” Travel Blogger

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8 Things I Learnt About South Africa

I spent the majority of this summer living in a township called Lekazi in the Mpumalanga region of South Africa, whilst working as a Project Coordinator for Tenteleni. It was an incredible experience, but also a pretty steep learning curve – so here are some of the things I learned throughout the eleven weeks I spent there!

Final week farewell

I can’t believe it, but it’s finally over. We spent the last two days pretty much solidly typing to get all of our evaluation reports, project research and updated versions of pretty much every piece of documentation we received before the project finished – but we managed it! And now it’s time to head home.

Seventh Week Sadness

Rachel and I are bereft. Our volunteers have buggered off to Joburg (or home, in James’ case) and left us all alone to suffocate amidst a mountain of evaluation meetings, report writing and goodbyes. How are we going to make it through this final week without the familiar refrain of James muttering ‘oh bloody hell’ every ten minutes, or April getting at least eight times louder after half a Savannah […]

Sixth Week Success!

I don’t know how it’s happened, but we’re already entering the volunteers’ last week on project – soon we’ll be faced with only the prospect of a small mountain of paperwork to write up, and no group trips to look forward to! They’re looking forward to going home now, but from personal experience I know that once they get back and have had a bit of time to relax, along […]

5 Brilliant Things About Being a Tenteleni Project Coordinator

I’ve had an amazing time in the past two months as one half of Tenteleni’s in-country Pienaar project team. Read on for 5 of my favourite things about my job.

Fifth week and a festival

With the fifth week of placement over, there’s only two more weeks left of project for the volunteers, and an insane amount still to be done. We’ve got the Arts and Culture Day coming up next week, and while I know it’s going to be an incredible day, and probably one of the high points of the project, it is taking every ounce of my restraint not to freak out […]

Fourth Week Fun

The days are trickling by ever quicker; time here doesn’t possess the same quality it does when you’re at home or plodding away at uni. It skips by in great chunks; you make it to the end of Wednesday and then all of a sudden it’s Friday night and you find yourself in Kruger Park. It’s bizarre how much time it feels like you’ve got at the beginning of the […]

5 Things I Learnt on Safari

Animals are not hard to spot And this isn’t because their camouflage is faulty, or because they have become overly accustomed to people during the long period in which they have spent half their lives being ogled at by tourists. Nope, it’s because wherever there is any wildlife of interest, so too will there be a large crowd of 4x4s – and large crowds of 4x4s really don’t require any skill […]

Third Week Through

With the third week in placements done and dusted, we’re officially half way through the project! How on earth has that happened already..? We got the week off to a good start by working on a public holiday (aren’t we saints), heading into Nelspruit and filling in lots of bits of paperwork, planning our workshop for Tuesday and getting started on working out how Mid Project Review is going to happen […]