Why I Will (Probably) Never Be a Successful Travel Blogger

Why I Will (Probably) Never Be a “Successful” Travel Blogger

I’ve been travelling and writing about it for a pretty long time now. In 2013 I shouldered my backpack for my first solo trip, to South America, and decided to start a blog. Its main purpose was to reassure my mum that I was still alive and had not been kidnapped by drug lords. After that it became a bit of a habit. I’ve written about working a summer season […]

The Rose-Tinted Myth of Travel: Why Travel Ain't All It's Cracked Up To Be

The Rose-Tinted Myth of Travel: Why Travel Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

I think it’s pretty clear to all who know me that I quite like travelling. While I have always done my best to refrain from chipping into any and all conversations with, ‘That reminds me of the time I was in Peru/Budapest/China,’ I somehow still managed to garner a reputation as the gap year girl. Maybe it’s because all my clothes look like an Indian market stall threw up on them. […]

Featured image of the view from a hotel window

How to Be Everyone’s Favourite Hotel Guest

People rarely give much of a thought to hotel staff in travel blogs. It’s all about ‘tips and tricks’, ways to save the traveller money, hotel and accommodation ‘hacks’. And don’t get me wrong, this is useful stuff. I read those blogs. I take that advice. But I also think that sometimes it’s important to think beyond just what we, as travellers, want and need, and try to make our […]

“My body is the Taj Mahal – and yours is the monkey temple”

Our time in India is drawing to a close, and we are all sad. Also tired. We spent our last day in Jaipur shopping frantically, as though we were never going to be able to buy anything ever again. We had quite a lazy start because we knew that the markets don’t tend to pick up until about lunchtime, but ended up shopping from afternoon to late evening, with a […]

“Christ on a rickshaw!”

We seem to have lost our ability to get up at a reasonable hour. We were set to meet Claudia at half 12, and I foolishly expected that that might mean we had a chance to go and do some sightseeing or shopping beforehand, but I was mistaken. Indeed, some of us struggled even to make it out of bed for 12 o’clock.

An introduction.

Let’s pretend its the beginning of September, rather than the middle of January, and that I’m just about to begin my gap year, rather than it being a third(ish) of the way through. This is a blog to record all the things I do, or want to do, or think about doing, for this whole year. So I’ll start with writing about India, and we’ll go from there. This is […]