A Month in Melbourne

A Month in Melbourne

I’ve lived in a village for pretty much my whole life. Apart from a brief stint living in Jaipur while I was volunteering with VSO, and a short stay in Lekazi (a township in Mpumalanga, South Africa) during my work for Tenteleni, most of my time has been spent living the stereotype of idyllic, British country life. Melbourne, where I’m living now, is not the biggest, nor the busiest city […]

A Very Aussie Christmas

For most people, Christmas is a time to spend with family. Wherever you are in the world – whether songs about letting it snow and chestnuts roasting on an open fire are largely accurate or vastly incongruous – most people spend time with their parents and relatives during the festive period. And for me, that’s a huge part of why it’s my favourite time of year. But this year, due […]

Coff’s Harbour: One Week Itinerary

I spent quite a long time in Coff’s Harbour. Like, over a month. Which is longer than I’ve spent anywhere else in Australia so far. I kinda love it there. When I first arrived, the free shuttle bus from the hostel took me to a nearby lookout point. With the harbour in view on one side and the distant mountains on the other, it’s an amazing spot. From then I […]

50 Budget Tips for Backpacking Australia

50 Budget Tips For Backpacking Australia

I’ve been backpacking Australia for just over two months now, and made it most of the way down the East Coast. There’s a lot of stuff that I’ve learnt along the way: particularly that Australia is really bloody expensive. I am generally very good at budgeting, living cheaply and sacrificing luxuries for the sake of being able to travel for longer. But even I have struggled to maintain a reasonable spending structure […]

Farming in Australia featured image

A First Foray into Farming in Australia

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. I’ve been a bit quiet on the travel diary front, but I’ve been working on some other blog stuff in the mean time. In case you missed them, I wrote a Gap Year Gift Guide and a Guide to Australian Working Holidays (pretty proud of that one!). I’ve also added an email subscriber box (exciting), so if you’re interested in hearing updates and announcements from Bohemiance, […]

gap year gift guide 2016 featured image

The Gap Year Gift Guide 2016

There are currently about a million and one travel gift guides out there, aimed at finding the perfect present for your gap year pals. Is mine going to be any different? Well, I’d like to think so. If you’ve got a friend (or son, daughter, distant relation), who is mad on travel, or about to depart on a long-term trip, this will be perfect for them. I’m (metaphorically) on the road right […]

Best of all viewpoint, Springbrook National Park

Hangovers in Paradise

Well, after spending five days there, I can still neither confirm nor deny that Surfers’ Paradise lives up to its name. We never got round to surfing. In fact, most of us never even got round to going in the sea. The first free day we had, the Canadians headed down to the beach early and reported back that within minutes their towels were fully submerged in sand. Unsurprisingly, we […]

Getting Lost in Noosa National Park

After Fraser Island, we slept a lot. We napped and we slept in and we luxuriated in the fact of having a real actual bed and not a roll mat on the sand. I should probably explain that since Fraser, ‘we’ no longer refers to the three of us. ‘We’ is now our extended family of six. Allie, Emma and Hillary are three 25 year old Canadians from a province […]

Featured image of Fraser Island

Fun and Frolics in Fraser Island

Never has it been such a relief to have a shower as it was the day we got back from Fraser Island. We’ve just spent three days on a group tour to Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world. I don’t think any of us registered the real implications of this. It was pretty darn sandy. Nonetheless, we arrived back safely to Hervey Bay, dirty and exhausted, with sand in every […]